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About Our Coaches 


Coach B 
Owner/Head Performance Coach

Brandon or Coach B, was a former sprinter and multi sport athlete in High School. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Exercise Science. He has been training for 7 years focusing on speed, strength and power, and mobility.


Brandon is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for local Pro Basketball team Chula Vista Suns. He’s worked with various other college and pro athletes in numerous sports.  


By determining the your individual needs with movement assessments and developing a plan, he will help you achieve your performance goals. Regardless of your age, current fitness levels, injury history or goals, Brandon can help you get there! 


Coach Alex 
Assistant Performance Coach 

Alex is a San Diego local who played soccer at Hilltop High School and Mesa College. He currently plays at the semi pro level down in San Diego.

He is currently obtaining a Professional Performance Coaching title from the Mexican Soccer Federation (F.M.F.). Learning from the highest level of performance coaches in Club Tijuana (Xolos). 

Alex develops athletes of all ages in specific areas such as strength, speed and agility, and mobility. Alex specializes in soccer specific skills and recovery therapy.

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